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Clicks, engagement, conversion, sales ... how to influence all this?

Each customer goes his own way in interaction with your brand - in English marketing this is called Customer Value Journey (CVJ). If you don’t know at what stage the client is now, and interact with everyone equally, then you sell more QUICKLY than through your efforts.

If you want to make your internet marketing more effective, I highly recommend implementing CVJ on an ongoing basis - this is what helps not only to sell your product or service, but to make real fans of your brand out of casual passersby.

It is important to note that this is not just a sales funnel, as it may seem at first glance. In the Russian language, marketing is not directly equivalent to the CVJ term, but this can be translated freely as “the path of the evolution of customer value,” that is, the value that your particular product has for a particular customer.

Having understood this strategy, you will be able to consciously build a system in which people will predictably (and therefore controllably) follow the path you need.

This is the foundation on which to build all other marketing activities.

American digital marketing giant DigitalMarketer (DM) has prepared a short guide of 8 steps to outline this way in which marketers need to lead all potential and existing customers.

For this, the DM has drawn the following scheme - look at the picture below. We specifically translated it for you, and I strongly recommend that you print it out, preferably in several copies, and always keep it in a prominent place. Refer to it when creating any content - it is important for you to constantly analyze at what stage which client is and, depending on this, form your message for him.

To get the scheme in high resolution, write in the form “I want a scheme” below or in the direct of my business account in Instagram, and I will send it to you!


So, it seems to be nothing complicated. But if the client is not accompanied on this path, then he will definitely fall off somewhere, never reaching the level of which any entrepreneur dreams - when the brand fans themselves tell about it at every corner.

Our task is to push customers where they have stalled, and drag them to the next step. And now for the analysis of specific steps!

1) Let the customer know about you (AWARE)

The first step is banal, but it all starts with it - appear in the field of view of a potential client. Actively keep social networks, write articles to the blog and in thematic publications, hold events, do collaborations with opinion leaders, publish a book. Well, the old good advertising, too, has not been canceled.

For this step, you need to create the so-called TOFU (top of the funnel) - content that helps people realize that a certain problem exists and you have a solution for it. After all, you see, it is not always obvious to a person that he has a need for a certain product or service - in your case, especially if he didn’t have similar experience before (for example, when people first organize their wedding, they have little idea what it is huge niche).

Such content captures the attention of the consumer, as well as informs or entertains it.

2) Establish a contact (ENGAGE)

Relationships with clients should be built in the same way as with people in everyday life. Therefore, in the beginning there is always a period of gaining trust.

You must be very sensitive to understand whether you can proceed to the next stage. If you put too much pressure (than we all sin, trying to sell something to people who see us for the first time), then we risk “getting a slap in the face” and being blacklisted, just like in the situation of dating a guy with a girl.

In Internet marketing, this stage lasts from the first click to the last customer interaction with the brand. You must build relationships bit by bit on all channels - emails, posts, support services, and so on. Opinion about the company consists of all the experience that the client has for the entire period of interaction with you. You can goof on any stage!

The most important thing in communicating with a client is to understand what stage he is at. And each offer only what he is now ready for. We are used to create one advertising message or another content unit and drive it all in a row. The maximum (and then, provided that the company has marketers who have enough time and knowledge for this) we will run A / B testing, and we will check what color the call-to-action button will give the best conversion.

But this is absurd - to offer to buy to those who have never heard of you! As the Americans say: this is how to get married on the first date. Or to tell who you are and what you are to those who have been buying from you for 3 years.

3) Now you can ask to subscribe (SUBSCRIBE)

If a person has received a positive experience of interacting with your brand, then confidence will slowly begin to form.

Offer the audience what it really needs, and it will easily leave you your email or write to you on direct Instagram.

And what does she really need ...? How often do we really ask this question?

In order to answer it correctly, AVATAR CUSTOMERS must be clearly spelled out. And everyone needs to offer their own.

IMPORTANT! Nowadays, e-mail noise is so great that it is difficult to expect a high conversion into a subscription. Therefore, your offer should be really valuable - for example, an invitation to a free webinar, a trial subscription to the product or a selection of cool insights. What you are not ashamed to take money for, but you give it to future customers.

Just take the choice and creation of this free product with all seriousness - after all, the second first date does not happen. The quality of this product, as in the analogy with the date, determines whether the client moves to the next step.

4) Push for the first purchase (CONVERT)

The first purchase is not something that should bring profit to YOU. It is just the opposite! We will think about our own profits later. To begin with - offer the client a deal that will have high value for him and at the same time minimal risks.

It should be something inexpensive, which is easy to decide - just to "take a sip."

In fact, the fourth step is needed for the client to make sure that you are not scammers, provide good customer service and have a high quality of service and of the product itself, finally.

For example, it can be a trial lesson at half price. But it is very important to turn an ordinary subscriber who just watched your brand into a customer who made the payment. These are two qualitatively different customers! If this stage is successful, then it can easily be offered the main product, where the conversion will be several times higher.

In fact, the price of this product should only cover the cost of attracting a customer.

5) Fall in love with your brand (EXCITE)

Scientists have proved that as a result of purchases, the body produces the happiness hormone dopamine. Therefore, it is doubly important to turn the purchase into a memorable experience for the client. Create a WOW effect, surprise the client, increase his pleasure from the purchase. It can be absolutely not expensive things. Everything is like in private life: attention is sometimes more pleasant than expensive gifts.

For example, one of my most memorable experiences happened when I subscribed to some online product of an Australian marketing company. You have no idea what delight I felt when, after a couple of weeks, I took a card from my mailbox. From Australia! Handwritten! Himself (but not exactly) the founder of this company. Now my heart is forever with them.

6) Turn a customer into a regular customer (ASCEND)

This is the real problem in our country. Only a few (ok, a very small percentage of companies) can boast of recurring (repetitive) payments.

Think that you can sell to your customers again and again?

In America, for example, if your business model is not built on a subscription, consider - you do not have a business.

When I went to a marketing conference in San Diego for the first time 3 years ago and met a marketing specialist there, he asked me what I was doing.

Then I dreamed of creating an online style school.

So, he asked me again and again what I would make money on. My answer to “sell online style course” did not satisfy him at all. "What's next? Do you really not understand that every new purchase from an old client is pure money, because there are no costs for attracting there, ”he said.

Think about whether you have a product that you can offer to your customers after the first major sale? And so that they want to pay you every month? And so that they were ready to give money for the year ahead?

7) Ask the customer to share! (ADVOCATE)

Happy customers love to share cool impressions - but sometimes they need to be pushed to this. Find a way to attract buyers to publish posts or story about your brand.

The most interesting thing is that as soon as the client shares his positive emotions about your company, he will become even more loyal!

I myself know how many times I forgave shoals to brands that once fascinated me and which I advised others. Subconsciously, you start to look for an excuse for them and defend ... Again, as in personal relationships, you do not choose your relatives, but at this stage you are already a “family”.

And yet - you know, at what point the pleasure of shopping reaches the highest level? I can assume you will answer - at the time of receipt of the goods or services. At least, I would have the same thought.

But no. Immediately after payment and before receipt!

These are the minutes (or months, as anyone who is lucky) of expectation and anticipation. The most difficult and unpleasant - parting with money - has already been passed. Some possible disappointments have not happened yet. Dopamine rolls over!

And what do you think, at what point the client will share their emotions and tell about your brand with the greatest pleasure and probability?

Do not miss the moment. Be creative.

Remember the postcard from Australia? What do you think, did I share this fact in social networks? Several years have passed, and now I am writing to you about this.

By the way, it was a Foundr company, be sure to google it ;).

8) Offer the client to become a promoter (PROMOTE)

At this stage, the client actively recommends the product to friends, vouching for its quality. As a bonus, you can offer a free service, a discount or a commission - and a win-win formula will be formed when everyone wins.

This works great, for example, for the guys from Skyeng: if you bring a new student, then he and you get a free lesson.

By the way, have you seen my interview with Georgij Solovyov, the founder of Skyeng? If not, be sure to take a look - this is a unique young man who has already achieved super-results by creating a leading company in online learning English in Russia. But even more I was struck by the main motive for creating this business.

So, your task is to help the client go this way faster and to the end.

As a business owner, marketer, or just a caring team member, you cannot allow your marketing to consist of scattered random campaigns and tactical actions.

You need strategic decisions. We need a plan of action for each step of this path of the client - from a casual passer-by to a fan.

Print this chart. Analyze where your gaps are and start eliminating them so that people become your customers and truly satisfy their needs, getting pleasure from it. Optimize these processes.

But first, do not forget to describe your ideal client, to understand where he is and what he really needs.

Do you know how to answer all these questions?

This is what I want to write about next.

Write below what would be interesting for you to read more from the article?

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